Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Do You Make a Pumpkin Pie?

How Do You Make a Pumpkin Pie?
by Mrs. Willis' Kindergarten/1st grade class

  • You can use some pumpkin stuff. -Ella K.
  • With some pumpkin, some salt and some stuff to mix it.  You need a baking pan and muffin pans.  And I think you need some chocolate syrup.  -Colin
  • Pumpkins. -Zion
  • I think with seeds.  That's it.  -Mailin
  • You can use a little pan with a couple of triangles on a circle.  -Owen
  • Add a pumpkin pie.  -Aydin
  • We put salt and sugar and a little bit of pumpkin seeds.  We put a pie crust on it and bake it in the oven. -Ethan
  • Add dough and pumpkin and salt.  But not too much salt!  -Alyssa
  • Usually my mom doesn't make it.  But, you put pumpkin in it and salt and water.  The pumpkin at the bottom and the dough at the top.  -Kellen
  • You put some dough in it and water on it.  -Ella T.
  • First smash up some pumpkins.  Don't get the seeds just the stuff the seeds are on.  Then the topping for the pie and put it in the sun for 24 hours.  Then you put pumpkin sauce on it and then eat it!  -Camden
  • Add 299 pumpkins. -Juddah
  • You just put it in the oven until it dries up.  You put pumpkin salt and white salt in it.  The pumpkin salt is orange.  -Wesley
  • You get some pumpkin and you cook it in the sun.  You take it out when it's crunchy and you eat it.  When you're done you rinse the dish and put it away.  -Avery
  • With water. - Peyton

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  1. Mrs. Wills,
    Thank you for doing this blog. It is very nice for us ( Avery's Nana and Papa ) to be able to see what is going on in her class at school. We love to see the pictures of all the happy smiling children and read what they are learning. They are as lucky to have you for their teacher as you are to have them for your students. Once again thank you.
    Shellie Blakely aka Nana Blakely