Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is Thanksgiving??

It's been a busy couple of weeks and Mrs. Willis hasn't been too on-top of updating this blog!  Oops!!!  Since, I'm home for a SNOW DAY though, I thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to go ahead and update!  I've been interviewing the class about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday - and they've had some great things to say.  I'd like to share their thoughts about Thanksgiving with you....so enjoy, out of the mouths of Kindergarten and 1st graders..... :)

What is Thanksgiving
by Mrs. Willis K/1 Class

You have big feasts.  And you celebrate when Pilgrims came.  And sometimes you have a big party.  -Colin

You say thanks to God.  -Aydin

You have a very big feast at school.  -Camden

You say thanks to Jesus.  -Wesley

Sometimes on Thanksgiving you can invite someone over and you can worship God, 
you can sing and dance.  -Ella K.

Sometimes you can play.  And you can have turkey.  I'm going to invite my cousins over.  -Kellen

You give thanks.  -Peyton

If it's windy and you go somewhere, you can still thank someone.  -Ella T.

You eat a lot of food and you give thanks to God.  -Owen

You eat turkey.  -Juddah

You can share love with everyone and eat turkey.  -Ethan

You can give thanks to Jesus and God.  -Mailin

You can eat turkeys.  -Alyssa

Thanksgiving is a time to spend time with your family.  And a time to make people happy.  You can make them happy by bringing them to your house and giving them food.  And we say thanks to God for everything He's given us and for dying on the cross for our sins.  -Avery

You eat turkey.  -Zion

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